And You Thought Your Office Was Bad…

While flipping channels over the long weekend, I happened across one of my favorite work-related movies of all time, Office Space. I laughed, like I usually do, at the annoying co-workers, the always broken fax machine and the rag-tag gang of computer nerds turned heroes.

However, I stopped laughing when I noticed that all the characters were working in cubicles the size of ocean liners with natural light and access to large windows. I, myself, work in a “half-cube” that is smaller than the guest bathroom in my condo with no natural light, and located only a mere three feet from the back of a co-worker. And that is a step-up from when my workspace was literally in the middle of the conference room. I was completely taken aback by this realization.

Can my office space really be worse than the most negative portrayal of corporate life in the past decade?

Not according to the folks who submitted photos of their workspaces as part of the “Saddest Cubicle” contest in Wired magazine. You can check out a slide show of the winning entries here. Great for a laugh, looking at these photos help me put my own situation in perspective. My favorite is the picture of a computer on an Ikea shelf in the middle of the office.

Feel free to share your awful workspace stories. Photos are encouraged.


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