In Reference to References…

As a contrast to one of my previous posts, which highlighted a reference sabotaging his friend during a phone interview, I found a story on the Vault Recruiting site that shows the true value of friendship in the workplace:

Have you ever asked an applicant to bring with him/her some references? A colleague shared a funny story when she asked an applicant to bring three references with him, well, he literally did:

“This happened more than 10 years ago. I worked in HR in a Fortune 500 company and we were interviewing for a maintenance position. … It was simultaneously very funny and touching to see three scared men sitting side-by-side in suits waiting in the lobby (to be a reference) for their friend. … By the way, he got the job and we made the right choice.”

How nice it must be for that man to have three such loyal friends who would literally travel great distances to vouch for him. How many of us can say we have three friends or co-workers who would do the same?


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