Introducing a New Series: The Modern Office

Corporate work spaces have come a long way from sterile brown offices surrounding a room full of rows and rows of secretaries with typewriters. Modern business are spending increasing amounts of time and money trying to create the “perfect” office space, designed to make employees feel more like they are at home rather than miles away at work. Google is famous for treating employees to all the comforts of home.

From catered meals, to on-site massage sessions and bring your dog to work days, more and more companies are trying to infuse fun back into the workplace. While I have no problem with making the office more like a home away from home, I feel like a lot of companies are just trying way too hard to give employees everything they think we want.

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting the most overblown, ridiculous and useless features of today’s modern offices. Maybe if we all work together to raise awareness about the money and effort being wasted on useless office features, we can make our work spaces better, one office at a time.


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