A Bad Case of Blogger’s Malaise

Almost a year has gone by since I started blogging as The Office Newb (stay tuned for a special anniversary post at the end of the month) and as I look back on my progress I have come to the following conclusions:

1. I have met my initial blogging goals.

My entry to the blogosphere was prompted by a severe dissatisfaction with my job. So I started reading blogs like Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist, Employee Evolution and the Chief Happiness Officer for inspiration. This got me excited enough about blogging to start my own, with the intent of having a portfolio of both my writing and my website management skills to show potential employers.

Five months later I had a brand new job, more money and a healthy fan base–all because of my blog. Mission Accomplished.

2. I am less interested in blogging than I used to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. My dream job would be having my own published weekly column a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Blogging allows me to do just that (except sadly, I don’t get paid and can’t afford $400 shoes). However, my enthusiasm for the subject has begun to wane and where writing posts used to energize me, the thought of having to sit at a computer for another hour and come up with something interesting to talk about just feels like a chore (and subsequently my blog and traffic are suffering). I feel I don’t have so much “Writers’ Block” as I do “Writers’ Drag.”

So what do you do when you hit a plateau in blogging/work/life?

Dr. Ron Brown, career columnist for Portfolio magazine has this advice for those who feel “bored and unchallenged” at work and want to get back on track,

“This is a familiar situation for many people, especially with opportunities for growth and development shrinking in the current environment. You need to be aggressive, though, and look for areas in your organization that are growing most quickly and try to get involved in them in whatever way you can, such as by volunteering to serve on company task forces and committees…

You might also look for white spaces in your company that no one’s taken ownership of where you can make your mark—look for unmet needs and figure out how you can address them, just as you would if you were starting up your own company.”

I especially like Dr. Brown’s suggestion to “look for white spaces” or essentially find a “fresh” angle by which to approach your work. So maybe what I should be doing with my blog is focus less on churning out posts (I’ve slipped from a high of 13 posts a month to a low of 3) which is starting to feel like a chore and spend more time exploring other exciting and new aspects of blogging like social media promotion, community building and advertising.

But I’m open to suggestions, any advice for getting out of a career rut?
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  1. I feel a bit draggy in the job search department. On the other hand, I always feel a bit draggy. 🙂

    The story was just what I needed to climb on the horse again and start looking for jobs.

    I have an idea on a story I’d like to read. How to get a new job via blogging. I found that blogging didn’t help too much. I have read the usual advice on blogging, and I wondered if there were any secrets I have missed. What I read so far told me generic things like blog on one topic only, and make your posts useful to people.

    Anyway, I enjoy the blog a great deal as I love to hear about people much younger than me who actually like their jobs, and who have a direction in their career and actually go places rather than just treading water in a series of jobs that are more like annoyances until one loses them. Then it’s just like unemployment and impending homelessness.

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