Between making copies in the copy room and taking questions in the board room, Jacqui Tom (a.k.a The Office Newb) offers you the latest tips, insight and stories about being the new kid at the office.

A compilation of resources, advice and inspiration, this blog is a one-stop shop for young professionals just learning the ropes in the big world of business, as well as a forum for workers of all ages to share their stories and discuss issues surrounding work.

Each week I will offer up the latest research, news, stories and personal anecdotes related to corporate life. Hopefully it will make you laugh, cry and give a little extra thought to who you are and what you do.

A brief history of The Office Newb:

June 2009

  • Introduced the “Listen to Mom” series featuring guest posts from HR Mom.

February 2009

  • Published in the 3rd edition of The Printed Blog, a daily printed newspaper using blog content from around the globe.
  • Selected to become a Featured Writer for HR Guru, a community for HR professionals and those aspiring to break into the industry.

January 2009

November 2008

September 2008

  • Syndicated on C-SPAN.com for coverage of the Presidential election.

May 2008

  • Selected to become one of the first 50 members of Brazen Careerist, a community of generation-y bloggers.

April 2008

  • Received the “Dig Your Job Blogger Award” from JobDig founder/blogger, GL Hoffman.

December 2007

  • The Office Newb launches. A star is born.

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  1. My son and I are considering actually leaving the US to move to you guessed it, Denmark! I am unemployed right now (two downsizings in three years!)and he has a chronic illness that dictats almost all aspects of our life. After much research we came to the conclusion that we would be happier there ourselves.

    My husband doesn’t agree, so he may just end up here alone, still working for insurance.

  2. Nice to know about you… Jacqui Tom. your blog is interesting… I’ll try to stop here frequently…

  3. Hey Jacqui,

    I’m Erik from ErikFolgate.com and I’m a fellow blogger on the Brazen network. I was wondering if you wanted to trade links. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I’m going to add you regardless, but check out my site and see if it’s something your readers would like. Take care!

  4. Hi,

    Good stuff. You’ve got a nice style and easy to read blog. It’s a good reminder of when I was a 20-something worker bee. And going through some of your stuff I realize that alot has NOT changed :).

    Your blog is a fun place to remind some of us grey-hairs what it was like when we were in the same shoes and not lose our empathy or sympathy. But, things have changed somewhat!

    All the best to you in your career.


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  6. Hello Jacqui!

    My name is Robert Barr. I am the founder of Blabrmouth.com. I imagine you have seen Drea’s email with the guest post schedule for BusinessPunidt.com. I just wanted to reach out and say hello, say that I stopped by your blog and I really enjoyed it. I have subscribed to your feed and look forward to reading your stuff going forward!

    Thanks for your time!

    Robert Barr

  7. Hey Jacqui! Your blog is such another side of you that I never got to see in countless hours of orchestra rehearsal and talking about boys. It’s great! Miss you mucho.


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