Jacqui Tom (aka The Office Newb)

The Office NewbJacqui Tom is the founder and author of the popular career blog, The Office Newb, which has been syndicated on several websites including HRGuru, BrazenCareerist and Alltop. She has also published articles in BusinessPundit and The Printed Blog, and wrote a weekly column for The Daily, the official student newspaper of the University of Washington.

Originally born and raised in tropical Honolulu, HI, Jacqui has been braving the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest since 2001. She lives in Seattle with her two cats, Freddie and Skittles, who alternately jockey for her attention and warm her lap while she writes.

Jacqui earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and enjoys running outdoors, practicing yoga, reading anything she can get her hands on, and travelling the globe.

HR Mom

HR Mom is the blogger behind the “Listen to Mom” series which offers a window into the mind of a hiring manager, baby boomer and government employee.

About HR Mom in her own words:

I stumbled right out of college into human resources in 1973 when it was still called “personnel.” As a personnel assistant for a local Westin hotel, I learned personnel from the ground up. During that time I decided then that work experience was more valuable than a college degree.

I expanded my work and life experiences while with a small real estate firm, a branch office of Multi-List McGraw-Hill, a franchise of a national restaurant, and a local manufacturing company. Decided in 1989, that working for civil service could not be any worse than working for that local manufacturing company.

So began my 20-year career in local state and city government. I’ve worked as a recruiter, a labor relations specialist, labor relations manager, and now as the HR manager for a city department. And I’ve never wanted to return to boring, unchallenging corporate America.